KaraokeFest 2017

Saturday, September 16th at the LA County Fair

LA County Fair

KaraokeFest™ 2017 was a Spectacular one-day event at the LA County Fair that featured Karaoke and on the main stage a production where finalists from “Creme” singing competitions competed. The event culminated with the “Creme de la Creme,” where the very best of the best singers that Southern California had to offer competed for thousands in cash and prizes and the honor of being crowned Male and Female Vocalist of the Year.

We also had our “Creme de la Kids” and “Creme de la Tributes” competitions where children and singing impersonators battle for top billing in each of their competitions.

Singing Competitions Winners:

Creme de la Creme

Female & Male Vocalists of the Year
2017 Vocalists of the year - Emmanuel Robinson Carly O'Neill
Emmanuel Robinson & Carly O'Neill

Female Vocalist Finalists
Creme de la Creme Finalists - Renee Turcotte Carly O'Neill Songbird
Renee Turcotte, Carly O'Neill & Songbird

Male Vocalist Finalists
Creme de la Creme Finalists Big B Emmanuel Robinson James-Early II
Big B, Emmanuel Robinson & James-Early II

Creme de la Tributes

Creme de la Tributes 2017 Winners - Gregory Durham Joann Gilliam Bobby Vegas
1st Place - Joann Gilliam (as Rihanna)
2nd Place - Bobby Vegas (as Bruno Mars)
3rd Place - Gregory Durham (as Jim Morrison of the Doors)

Creme de la Kids

Creme de la Kids 2017 Winners Paul Welsh Joann Gilliam Leonard Juat
1st Place - Paul Welsh
2nd Place - Joann Gilliam
3rd Place - Leonard Juat

Creme de la King

Creme de la King 2017 - George Thomas Lloyd Aron Douglas Donovan Chavez
1st Place - George Thomas
2nd Place - Lloyd Aron Douglas
3rd Place - Donovan Chavez

“KJ of the Year”

Honors individuals from three sections of the Southern California region for outstanding performance, professionalism, and contributions to Karaoke.

Christina Fernandez-Gray KJ of the Year Inland Empire 2017 Ramsey Menendez KJ of the Year LA County 2017 Bobby Vegas KJ of the Year Orange County 2017
Inland Empire
Christina Fernandez-Gray
LA County
Ramsey Menendez
Orange County
Bobby Vegas

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