KJ of the Year

KJ of the Year

Congratulations to all our participating Karaoke Hosts. This year we had a tremendous turn out of voters with thousands of ballots being cast.

Each and everyone one of the karaoke hosts deserve recognition for creating a stir in the karaoke community with the amount of promotion they did for the voting process this year.

Below we are showing those five KJs in each area that received the greatest amount of votes. Their names are listed in alphabetical order. The Winning “KJs of the Year” will be announced and awarded at KaraokeFest 2017 at the LA County Fair on Saturday, September 16th.

Top Nominees in Each Area

L.A. County

  Dwayne Leslie
  Emily Grace Fine
  Glenda Holt "G-Train"
  Johnny "Rock" McNabb
  Ramsey Menendez

Orange County

  Albert Ojeda
  Bobby "Vegas" Santos
  John Miner
  Kevin Cable
  Roxy McCormack

Inland Empire

  Brad Clement
  Christina Fernandez-Gray
  Jeanette Erman
  Jimmy Vaughn
  Moochie Smith

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